- Have you ever found yourself in the pit of despair after the death of a friend or loved one?  

- Ever felt the gut wrenching pain overwhelm your body after the ending of a relationship?  

- Ever felt isolated, alone and confused after the loss of employment?  

If so, God Help Me, I'm Grieving: Finding Healing After Loss is a must read!

"I recall returning to our family home for Thanksgiving after my mother’s death. As Thanksgiving Day came to a close, I found myself stretched across the bed in my brother and sister-in-law’s room trying to communicate through tears what I could not vocalize with words. I couldn’t go back to our parents’ house. The pain was too intense. The thought of being there literally made me nauseous. I had pushed myself too far too fast."

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About The Author

Katherine Barner

Katherine B. Barner is an author, inspirational speaker and professional counselor committed to teaching the truth of God’s word to help transform lives. She is keenly aware of the power available to live a triumphant life even in the midst of heartache and difficult seasons. Her passion is to share the faithfulness of God and teach women in particular and all who will listen in general how to grow in Christ.  

After dealing with her own grief coupled with years of counseling others who struggled to make sense of their loss, Katherine grew weary of watching people flail in the wind with no clear direction on how to heal. Her goal in writing this new book is to provide you, the reader a resource that will help you understand your loss, give you hope that healing is possible, and remind you that God is present even in the midst of your grief.

"In a day when many are propounding a gospel of ease and pleasantries, Katherine has given helpful insights to counter that false perception. Her experiences reveal what we can do to manage and survive the symmetry of hope and despair after loss." - From the foreward by Rev. Lee E. Skinner, Pastor, Good Shepherd Baptist Church  

"In a warm and engaging style, God Help Me, I'm Grieving beckons the reader to join in on a healing journey through the grief process. This is a practical, understandable, and helpful book on grieving-Thank You!” - Dandridge Collins, Ph. D., Author of the classic The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing (2007)  

"This is an excellent read, combining biblical truths and practical experiences..., I recommend this book to anyone that desires encouragement and a blessing." - Dr. Mark “Dean” Haywood, Professor & VP of Student Services, Grace School of Theology

Reading God Help Me, I'm Grieving Will:

✓ Help you find hope in the midst of your grief journey. 

Help you understand you are not alone and validate your experience of loss. 

✓ Help you develop healing habits for moving forward.

Help you discover healing after your loss

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